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ELOCK EL-DH-601 Basic Wall Mount Door Holder

ELOCK EL-DH-601 is a standard type wall mount door holder which adopts low power consumption, that makes it more environment friendly and more durable. Professional anti-residual magnetism design ensures highest security. It will release automatically the fire door when fire alarms. It also contains build-out release button for testing and build-in MOV which reverse current protection.


  • Input Voltage: 12/24VDC +/-10% (Adjustable)
  • Current Draw: 12V/140mA 24V/70mA
  • Holding Force: 50Kg (110lbs)
  • Dimensions: L80 x W80 x H40 (mm)
  • Weight: 0.85kg
  • Suitable for all kind of single & double smokeproof doors

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