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EL-PB100S Photo beam sensor

The EL-PB100S photoelectric beam is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability for photoelectric beam intrusion detection. The device double beam work together to reinforce the range and stability in severe weather conditions. The system has a rotary optical system for easy installation and the special lens design aids in proper alignment.


  • Protection Range: 100m, 150m
  • Detection Method: Simultaneous breaking of 2 beams
  • Light Source: Infrared Light
  • Frequency Selection: 4-Channel
  • Response Time: 50 ~ 700ms
  • Supply Voltage: DC 10.5VDC ~ 28VDC (non-polarity)
  • Current: 40mA max
  • Temperature: -25°C ~ 55°C
  • Beam Adjustment: Horizontal: ±90°, Vertical: ±10°
  • Dimension: 185mm(L) x 75mm(W) x 71mm(H)
  • Weight: 860g/set (Transmitter & Receiver)
  • IP Rating: IP55

Key Features:

  • Range 100m, 150m
  • 4-Channel
  • High Sunlight Immunity
  • Weather Protection & Durability Design
  • High Convenience for Installation and Wiring
  • Wide Angle Adjustment Beam Alignment and Sensitivity Control

Product Code : EL-PB100S

Range 100m, 150m


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