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EL-333A Arm Gate System

The EL-333A arm gate system is a surface mount auto gate device that makes it easier to maintain and prevent water cloaking problems.


  • Transmitter and Receiver: Battery operated, crystal controlled frequency, modulated radio wave
  • Driving Method: Electro-mechanical screw driver piston type
  • Operating Voltage: DC 18 V for normal speed/ DC 12 V for ending speed
  • Motor Output: 15 W per arm
  • Motor Amp: 2.1 A
  • Piston Displace: 32 cm
  • Piston Speed: 2.9 cm/sec
  • Backup Battery: 12 V 7 AH rechargeable
  • Safety Clutch: Electric current sensing using HI-amp auto reverse
  • Safety Barrier: Infrared beam sensor (optional)
  • Electric Controller: Micro-processor based
  • Temperature: 8° C to 80° C
  • Gear Box: Three stages planetary reducer
  • Manual Operation: Special released key during power failure
  • Max. Weight of Gate: 400 kg wing with adjustable force
  • Max. Length of Gate: 5 m per wing

Key Features:

  • Electronic anti-cruising sensor – automatic reopen if the gate hits an obstacle
  • Timer control automatic closing
  • Non-underground motor
  • Dual speed design with soft cushion stopping

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