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EL-BG3S ELOCK Barrier Gate System

EL-BG3S-Series adopt the latest technology and intelligent design, our barrier gate series have the promethean design, such as humanization clutch design, balance device which make our barrier gate work more safe and convenient.

Product Code : AG-BG3S

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Mechanical Temperature : -40C to 75C
Electrical Temperature : -10C to 75C
Power Supply Input : 220AC @50/60Hz
Power Consumption : 80 watt
Relative Humidity : < 90%
Arm Speed : 3 and 6 Second Available Only
Internal Lubrication : Grease
Net Weight : 65Kg

Download the guide here:
Barrier Gate Solution: Barrier-Gate-Solution

ELOCK Barrier Gate: elock-BG3-Barrier-Gate-160506