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Elock-SL500 Shear Lock

The lock use the principle of electromagnetic force to attract the armature plate, and then stuck the two fixed legs inside the holes on the armature plate. With combination of the power of electromagnetic force and holding force of the fixed legs, the shear lock can create a very large shearing force.


  • Micro controller with door opening delay and door sensor output functions
  • Operating Voltage: 12/24VDC (Auto Adjust)
  • Operating Current: 900mA
  • Holding Current: 220mA @12Vdc
  • Holding Current: 190mA @24Vdc
  • Maximum Holding Force: Up to 1200Kg (2600lbs)
  • Door Status Sensor: (N.C / N.O)
  • Dimension: Lock: 182mm (Length) x 30mm (Width) x 25mm (Depth)
  • Armature: 182mm (Length) x 30mm (Width) x 24mm (Depth)
  • Elock-SL500 is shearing lock type.

Download Our Data Sheet Here