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EL-EX5A Heavy Duty Sliding Gate System

The EL-EX5A sliding gate system is meant for heavy duty usage, ideal for sliding gate that weighs up to 1,500 kg.


  • Transmitter and Receiver: Battery operated, crystal controlled frequency, modulated radio wave
  • Transmitter Range: 40 m
  • Dimension: 260 mm x 150 mm x 240 mm

Key Features:

  • Auto-reverse or closing or stop moving if the gates hits an obstacle
  • Limit switch N.C./N.O. selectable (using micro-switch)
  • Automatic lighting control with photo sensor (optional)
  • Dual lighting mode control
  • LED indications for easy installation and fault diagnosis
  • Adjustable force sensing trimmer
  • Equipped with heavy duty AC motor (230 VAC)
  • Suitable for sliding gate weighs up to 1,500 kg

Download Our Data Sheet Here