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The EL-EPIR-A10 infrared motion sensor is meant for motion detection. With adjustable sensitivity to prevent false alarm.


  • Infrared Sensor: Dual element
  • Input Voltage: 9~16VDC, 12V (recommended)
  • Current Consumption: Standby: 9mA, Alarm: 38mA
  • Operating Temperature: -20ºC~60ºC (-4F~140F)
  • Alarm Output: 2A, N.C./N.O. selectable
  • Alarm Period: 8~11sec
  • Detection Range: 110º, 15m x 15m (39ft x 39ft) at height of 2.3m
  • Detectable Speed: 0.3~1m/sec
  • Tamper Switch: N.C. cover open activates
  • LED Indicator: Red, can be disabled
  • Mounting Height: 2.3m typical
  • Unit Weight: 94g
  • Dimension: 117mm x 66mm x 45mm

Key Features:

  • Dual element infrared sensor with mechanical relay
  • Immune to temperature changes
  • Employs optically coupled MOSFET technology switches
  • High immunity against false alarm and electro-magnetic fields
  • Manually adjustable sensitivity

Product Code : EL-EPIR-A10

Passive infrared detector with pet immunity

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