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EL-888A Swing Gate System

The EL-888A swing gate system provides fast and silent operation, dual speed control with soft cushion stopping capability. Ideal for home auto gate system.


  • Operating Voltage: DC 24 V
  • Output Power: 120 W/motor
  • Trust Force: 0 ~ 60 kg Max.
  • Opening Angle: 360° Max.
  • Weight of Gate: 300 kg/leaf
  • Motor Rated Load Speed: 4700 RPM
  • Motor Output Speed: 2.2 RPM
  • Traveling Speed: 7 sec/90°
  • Transmission Type: Rotary lever
  • Dual Speed: Yes
  • Backup Battery: Optional
  • Safety Device: Mechanical clutch
  • IR Safety Beam: N/A
  • Safety Limit Timer: Yes
  • Automatic Lighting Control: Yes, including photo sensor control
  • Remote Controller: 2 channel UHF PWM
  • Electric Lock: Yes

Key Features:

  • Fast and silent – capable for 90° opening within only 7 to 10 seconds and is exceptionally quiet during operation.
  • Last longer – the gear box is submerged in oil bath for extra protection, significantly improves the life span of the machine
  • Secure – DC powered lock ensures no unauthorized opening of the gate. The gate can only be opened with the remote control transmitter or special key (during power failure).
  • Safe – full DC operation to avoid any potential electric hazard.
  • Remote control transmission within 30 m to 50 m away from gate.
  • Dual speed design with soft cushion stopping.

Product Code : EL-888A

Underground Swing Gate System EL-888A

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