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DIP356-H (3KM Wireless Transmission)

DIP356-H is a dial-up outdoor wireless bridge, using dial-matching mode automatically match the AP transmission, and into the spread spectrum transmission technology support 4.9GHz-6.1GHz frequency channel to work within 3 km signal transmission stable and smooth.


  • Chipset : AR9344 600MHz
  • Transmission Range : 3KM
  • Transmission Rate : 300Mbps
  • Antenna Gain : 18dBi
  • Transmission Power : 27dBm
  • Transmission Frequency : 5.8GHz

Key Features:

  • Atheros Chipset, Powerful CPU for High Data Transmission Rate
  • DIP Technology for Easy Setup
  • Professional NETCHECK Software for Monitoring, Testing and Maintenance
  • 300Mbps Capacity
  • 3KM Range Transmission

Download Our Data Sheet Here