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COMMAX 1-to-1 Door Phone

This Commax 1-to-1 door phone security system package consists of 1 unit DR-201D (as door unit) and 1 unit DP-2S (as room unit). Door unit is typically installed near the door. Room unit is typically installed inside a secured room.


  • Power Source : 110/240VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Consumption Power : 4.5W
  • Distance : 100m(0.65Ø),150m(0.8Ø)
  • Door Unit to Phone : 2-Wires (1.6Ø copper wire)
  • Door Release : 2-Wires (1.6Ø copper wire)
  • Packaging Dimension : 108mm(W)x210mm(H)x61.4mm(D)
  • Weight : 640g

Key Features:

  • Gentle chime sound
  • Can be combined with door opener
  • Easily mounted on wall & desk