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GP90A Extended Range Proximity RFID Reader

This extend range RFID reader will run an excellent power supply and making it particularly suited to access control, car parking applications etc. The same basic unit can be configured to output most of the common interface formats, including Wiegand format, Mag-stripe, RS-232 serial ASCII and RS485 output, making it easy to upgrade on existing installations.

Product Code : GP90A

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Electrical :
Power supply input voltage : 230AC/50Hz or 120AC/60Hz
Output voltage: DC 18 ~ 19.2V/1.5A (Max)

Interface :
Wiegand : 26 bits
MSR ABA Track2 : ISO, ABA TK2 emulation
Read Range : Up to 90 cm at 18~19Vdc with ISO card in ideal conditions or up to 130cm with special clamshell card.
Frequency : 125KHz, ASK
Audio / Visual indication : Internal LED and Buzzer

Mechanical :
Dimensions: 420 (L) x 320 (W) x 45(H) mm
Housing material: ABS

Download the guide here: