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EM Lock Access Control With Remote Control elock-600-RC

This kit is special for customers that do not want to physically get up to open the door. With this system, you will be able to let people come in by clicking on the RF remote. The remote communicates with the receiver, which can program up to 2 remotes, and it has a range of 100 feet.

Package Includes:
Electric Magnetic Lock 600lbs x 1pcs
Receiver Relay Board x 1pcs
Remote Transmitter x 2pcs
Wireless Push to Exit Button x 1pcs
Power Adapter x 1pcs
Female DC Jack Wire x 1pcs

Product Code : Elock-600-RC


Electric Magnetic Lock –>
Holding Force : 600lbs
Operating Voltage : 12VDC
Current Draw : 12VDC@500mA
Fail Safe Type
MOV Surge Protection
Push Off Button On Armature For Instant Release
Magnet Dimension : 250(L) mm X 41(W) mm X 26(D) mm
Armature Plate Dimension : 170(L) mm X 38(W) mm X 11(D) mm

Remote Control –>
Working Voltage : 12VDC
Working Frequency : 433MHZ
Working Temperature : −40⁰C~ +55⁰C
DC Encoding Type : Learning Code
Wireless Range : 100 Feet In Open Area
Adjustable Locking Delay : 5/10/15/20 Seconds
Working Mode : Jog, Self-Locking, Interlocking (adjustable), Delay
Output Mode : Dry Contact Output (1 Channel)
Battery : CR2016 x 2PCS

Wireless Push to Exit Button –>
Size : 86mm x 86mm x 12mm
Material : ABS Case
Frequency: 433MHz
Wireless Range: 100 Feet In Open Area
Battery : 12V27A x 1PCS

Power Adaptor –>
Input Voltage : 220~240VAC
Output Rating : 12VDC, 1.2A
Dimension : 81mm x 56mm x 55mm

Download the guide here: