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EL-PM2D Weatherproof Surface Mount Plastic Exit Button

L-PM2D button is casted by plastic with fireproof material. The dimension is 86(L)*70(W)*65(H) mm. It comes with back box and IP55 waterproof. It is suitable for hollow doors; it is elegant style with long time usage.

Product Code:EL-PM2D

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Dimension: 86L*70W*65H (mm)
Standard Structure: Plastic
Panel Material: Plastic Panel, Fireproof Material
Current: 3A@36VDC Max
Output Contact: NO/NC/COM
Mechanical Life: 100,000 tested
Operating Temperature: 10‐55℃ (14-131F)
Operating Humidity: 0-95% (non-condensing)
Weight: 0.16kg

Download the guide here: