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EL-305 Outdoor Siren Box

The EL-305 outdoor siren box is designed to give an audio visual indication in case of emergency. It can be work as standalone mode or connect to alarm panel as siren.

Key Features:
Highly resistant ABS housing, UV prevention
Magnetic dynamic sounders with 120dB at 1M
With / without backup battery (Optional)
Positive / negative siren trigger
Positive / negative flash trigger
3 way tamper switch protection
Available in Red and Blue color

Product Code: EL-305

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Operating Voltage : 13.8VDC ~ 14.5VDC
Current Consumption : Standby 8mA / Alarm 1600mA (DC : 13.8V)
Backup Battery : Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery 12V 7AH
Siren Output : 118 ±3dB/M
Fundamental Frequency : 1850Hz
Siren Tone : Yelp
Operating Temperature : -30⁰C ~ +60⁰C
Dimensions : 270mm x 193mm x 100mm

Download the guide here: