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DIP156-H (1KM Wireless Transmission)

Product Code : DIP156-H

Wireless AP/CPE

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DIP156-H is special use in lift monitoring. In lift cctv project, wire abrasion is easily caused by the lift running up and down more than dozens times every day. This cause difficult maintenance and workmanship cost, Todaair use wireless AP to make the whole wireless network system to keep the lift cctv system work safety and stable.
  • Atheros Chipset, Powerful CPU for High Data Transmission Rate
  • DIP Technology for Easy Setup
  • Professional NETCHECK Software for Monitoring, Testing and Maintenance
  • 150Mbps Capacity
  • 1KM Range Transmission
  • Chipset : AR9344 600MHz
  • Transmission Range : 1KM
  • Transmission Rate : 150Mbps
  • Antenna Gain : 12dBi
  • Transmission Power : 25dBm
  • Transmission Frequency : 5.8GHz
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